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Fa Ter Group Sdn Bhd was founded

About Us

Innovative & Ready to Embrace Change
We always stay competitive and keep abreast of market trends.
Passionate About Food
We love our foods as much as itself and we want others to enjoy our products too.
We Care
We care about our customers as much as we care for employees, that's why we pay close attention to the production process and food quality.
B ao Sifu known as the Fa Ter Group Sdn. Bhd was established in year 1995.
We are based upon the principles of ‘Be Professional, Be Creative and Be Honest’

We are proud to produce high quality, tasteful and healthy vegetarian buns products with a variety to choose from to satisfy the needs of our consumers.

Therefore, Fa Ter group has established a good reputation in the local market and other region.

We are all about providing our consumers with authentic, safe and highest quality products at affordable price.

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